PlayX 2.x Media Player

PlayX is a server-side and single player media player for Gmod that can play YouTube, Livestream, Shoutcast, MP3s, images,, Hulu when the stars are aligned, and more! Bring all your friends together and hold a video night! Don’t worry if a friend arrives late – your friend will start the video where everyone else is (if it’s a YouTube video).

Only administrators and super administrators can utilize PlayX.

What’s New in 2.5?

[li]Uses a material rather than 3D2D for better stability.[/li][li]More models for screens added.[/li][li]New radio models show a on-HUD display with the song name and play progress when used.[/li][li]New PlayX repeater entity allows you to repeat the screen on more TVs and screens![/li][li]Crash protection detects if you crashed last time so that it disables PlayX automatically. (This is mostly for a handful of people who crash 100% of the time. Some of these people also crash in the Steam overlay too.)[/li][li]Low framerate mode is back![/li][/ul]

[li]Latest stable version: (may jump major versions)[/li][li]Latest beta version: (may jump major versions)[/li][li]Latest 2.x version:[/li][/ul]

If you interested in the developmental versions of PlayX, you can find those here:


Looks good, The volume slider, can it change the volume of youtube players?

It’s one thing that annoyed me about youtube player.

Yes. Instantly as well, if you have gm_chrome installed.

Neat! Downloading now.

How about a voting system? :slight_smile:

is there any playx console command to give you admin without it detecting you? because it isnt detecting me as an admin/server owner.

@Fagget: Maybe.

Are you admin but not super admin?

Is the sound global or can you make a convar to make it local.

It’s global right now. Maybe in the future it will be local.

:[ was gonna use it

how do i add a providor for multiplayer

There is no command. If you are an admin, you should have access.

Do you happen to be a super admin but not an admin for some reason?

no, it just doesnt allow no one to use the player, i just want to know how to add a providor so i can use it in my multiplayer dedicated server

Try putting this into a file at lua/autorun/server/playx_auth.lua:

function PlayXIsPermittedHook(ply)
    return ply:IsSuperAdmin() or ply:IsAdmin()

Thanks! i will hope it works now, many thanks lol


Sorry for double posting or spam posting but can you make a console command like playx_add_providor playername (example: playx_add_providor garrythemod) ?

Providers are not related to access. They are things like YouTube and Vimeo.

It would appear that super admins on your server are not admins, for some reason.

If you want to control access, then you should use some other access control system and get PlayX integrated somehow. For example, if you were using ULX, I believe that this code would integrate PlayX into ULX is:

ULib.ucl.registerAccess("playx", ULib.ACCESS_SUPERADMIN, "Allows users to control PlayX")

function PlayXIsPermittedHook(ply)
    return ULib.ucl.query(ply, "playx", false)


could you provide us with some more detailed instructions on how to go about setting up an external JW player? assuming you already have webspace.

i have uploaded and linked the player.sfw and all i get is a white screen.

never mind. it just needed http://www in the beginning. although, you could use a tad bit better documentation on the process of installing.

I host the JW player somewhere and embedded that URL in PlayX, so you should not have needed to do that, unless the arrangement changed over last night.