PlayX help.

I recently got playX for my gmod an when ever i try playing a video gmod crashes with this error,

The instruction at “0x14edcdad” refrenced memory at “0x11e2b018”. the memory could not me “read”, click ok to terminate the program

i would be very greatfull if some one could fix this for me!


Memory error. You need more graphical or system ram.

Post your computer specs.

Does YouTube work in the in-game Steam browser?

yes it does


well i have 4 gigs of ram, could it be that my video card? its a pretty old one.

It probably is your video card, I got raped with that problem when I had the 256mb 7300LE… I fixed it by getting a 45 dollar 1gb 9400GT.

oh ok my video card is old as hell i’m getting a new one, thanks guys!