PlayX Permissions

Does anyone know how to make it so that PlayX can only be used by super admins on the server?

You need an admin modification such as evolve or ulx. Since PlayX is a workshop addon, you can’t really alter it to suit your needs without requiring you to mount it as a legacy addon, which in and of itself is fine, but doing that for multiple mods will cause issues. For instance, in Evolve, you can add players to ranks and then limit/restrict which entities they can spawn; though they will be able to spawn the actual PlayX screen, I don’t think it will allow them to fiddle with the PlayX video options.

Only real ways to test it would be to do as I said, and if that doesn’t work, go to your users.txt and add the players to the super-admin group through that.

I use ULX & ULIB as my admin mod, and also extracted the .gma file using gmad exractor, so i can access it’s files.

Regardless, you need to use your ULX system and make sure your super admins can spawn the PlayX entity however ULX handles entity restriction. After that, if it doesn’t work properly, you have to manually add them to your admin in the ‘admin’ rank in the users.txt; if neither of those work, you can decompress the .gma and edit it by hand to allow specific ranks, but that’s only if the former two don’t work.