PlayX Problems

Hello i am having problems with my playx i installed on my server i dont know why im having these problems. I installed everythig right. But for some reason when i click on the playx tab under entities nothing happens if you could please tell me why that would be great thank you

nah, being to descriptive there
anyways, WHAT are your problems with playx? if the video doesnt show up, then make sure you have flash installed for other browsers, found here
select your OS, then select other browsers.

What do you mean? I have PlayX 2.7.5. I never changed anything on it when I added it to the server and it is working perfectly fine.

the problem is when i click on it nothing at all happens

you may already have flash for other browsers installed. i dont know why some people already have it installed or some dont. i would also like to point out that your post doesnt really help solve his problem. do not post unless you have a valid reason to do so, such as some advice.

I also pointed out my version. Don’t know if he has an older one maybe.