PlayX radius


I don’t think you can do smooth volume transitions (Doppler effect) with streams AFAIK. You can probably make the radio work at some radius but it would feel weird(maybe not for others). Let’s say radio starts playing when you are 100 units away, player is at 101 hears nothing, player is at 99, audio starts booming at 100% volume.

You could definitely make a smooth volume transition, it’d be a bit hacky but I do it with wolfdj.

I don’t really mind if it starts booming, just that the people within the radius can hear the music

That’s not a problem, really.
It’s indeed hacky, but definitely possible.

Basically, you need to calculate the distance and use that to calculate and set the PlayX volume.
You also want to add an auto-subscribe/unsubscribe function so you don’t stream videos that you can’t see/hear.