Playx Video Request Queue

I have been in a couple of servers with the aim of simply sharing videos from youtube using the Playx addon to the point where the map itself is just a cinema.

I noticed that on some of these servers they have a URL submission option where you can enter a URL of a video you would like to be played on the big screen. The URL you submit is put into a queue and played automatically when it is your turn.

Im just wondering is this script available to a casual build server owner such as myself who uses playx a lot and is being bombarded with video requests?

This would make my time more enjoyable as it can get a little too much work handling so many requests but I’m too nice to say no.


or are there any addons that do a similiar thing as what i just described?


there are to many servers that wen’t for the “Watch movies in game” lately. With moded playx. But all there scripts are private

Thats a great shame. why dont people share the love these days ey?

Thanks ColdFusion

I’m currently making one. Just started a few minutes ago. It’s gonna be simple and to the point.

I’m still working on it. I’m gonna go to bed and finish it tomorrow. It will be good though.

oh you genius you! Please let me know if you are willing to share it when it is finished.