Do you really think it’s worth posting these videos and do you really think anyone on facepunch cares about spanish videos narrated by microsoft el sammo?

What is this, I don’t even know whats going on.
Put atleast subtitles

Christ, Wichita, stop posting these videos. No one understands them and they don’t make any sense.

why do they need to?

la parada que anuncia éstos again STOP! we don’t speak spanish.

Por favor, dejen de publicar estos videos! Aquí nadie habla español y es muy molesto que sigue para enviar estos! Ellos tampoco son los mejores vídeos, a nadie le importa. Son horriblemente hecho y suena como que usted está utilizando un programa de texto a voz.

Please stop posting these videos! Nobody here speaks Spanish and it is very annoying that you continue to post these! They are also not the best videos, nobody cares. They are horribly made and it sounds like you are using a text to speech program.

that didnt make any sense. did u translate it/

NO VIDEO! There simple and easy to understand.

Usta chupa pene en películas

sorry i dont speak spanish

What the fuck do you speak then!

why do that

Dónde está la piscina?

witchita you again?! oh god F***ing dammit

ur one lame troll u are…

why did u censor?

why did u post unfunny vid?

answer first

Thank god, he’s banned.

The world is now a better place.