Pleas make floating buildings fall down.

I’m sure it’s on the list at some point, but I really wish these would fall down. With the extreme lag buildings cause it seems like it would help a little if these would disappear. Plus they’re ugly. This pic is from the Rustafied dev-server.

I dunno about extreme lag or reduction of it but I definitely support the idea of buildings that aren’t anchored to the ground acting like physics objects or whatever the solution works out as.

I get what he means. Over time a server will fill up with buildings and all the entities start dropping performance. Part of my group’s strategy is to demolish any building we’re not using as a base so that it ups the FPS of our region of the map. It would be very nice if we could do that without having to individually delete every wall.

This exists in the current ‘stable’ branch, and the screenshot is from the dev branch. Frank is spot on once again, this bug needs to be fixed. It has been around a while, and can be used to make a floating platform for a cupboard.

the floating building disappears every time the server reboot. our server reboot every 24h, and all the floating building disappear every time.

So do the official servers not reboot? I prefer those because of the high player counts.

maybe, that would explain why they are so buggy for me. sometime server performance get to shit, and the admin reboot the server it fix it. i don’t know how officials server do to never reset…

i don’t play on official server anymore cause they were always so laggy once the population hit 80, and theyre full of hackers.

I left the official Legacy servers because of that. I’m hoping that eventually the new servers will get better. I really enjoying playing with numbers over 100 at peak times.

I think it is fixed:

I suppose that they do it this way because they also need to get data about how the servers load things for long time periods to check performance and all.

This floating structures are just a bug that will be fixed for sure.

Don’t think that’s it.

break the floor if it’s really bugging you; it seems to provide stability, and once it’s gone the place tends to collapse. but yeah, hopefully in the bugfix list.

Yes, been seeing a lot of debris for a while floating in the air. Time to clear this issue up.

Same applies to storage boxes. If you destroy your whole house your storage box doesn’t care and just floats.