Pleasant City

So currently this is just an idea I’m sort of molding out still, I have the server and have fiddled a little trying to get things to run well as I’d like them to. But figured i’d come in and talk about the idea and see if people were actually interested in the theory before I went too far with it. This is all a bit of a loose idea currently that needs polishing I admit, but I think the idea’s there and could create a healthy player killing environment. By healthy I mean the rules are designed I believe in a way to keep people from becoming pissed off at the game as best as possible. Goals to raid and have some fun, not to piss on each others boots, exploit, and troll fellow players. So this is the current basic theory here.

Factions: The goals to have factions, each with a ““home base”” from there the factions will expand by building forts to protect their newly claimed assets. Be it zombie spawn locations or a location with a good amount of materials nearby. Faction size could be just two three people working together, to a larger band. And smaller bands could join together to create larger groups so on so forth.

Construction: The idea is for people to only build at their own house, we don’t want people building stairs on other peoples property to get to their roof or anything of that sort. And we want the buildings themselves to be kept to four stories or less. The reason is to me the game just looses something if people are building giant sky scrapers to protect their assets which end up with overly trolly looking pillar creations that enable would be raiders to just climb in through the roof. Its just silly to me. We want logical construction projects. Not mazes of doors and overly tall buildings.

Raiding: Goals online raiding only. What I mean by this is I don’t want people breaking into Faction buildings when no one from that faction is online. With the right group of players I think it’ll work and be more enjoyable. I personally would much rather have a gun fight to break into someones house than just build some planks and bypass any security that’s been built. So the idea is more shooting and no building to raid. Also we plan to encourage limited raiding, there’s really no point other than to piss someone off to steal every single asset they have. 10 was our initial thought, so 10 items, that could be 10 m4, or perhaps 5 stacks of 250 wood and 5 stacks of 250 leather, Goals to steal, and better your own faction, not troll the opposing faction. Might be tricky to pull off but I think with the right players its a functional idea.

Territory Expansion: You can build anywhere, only your factions home base is considered ““safe”” you can’t loose that territory, any expansion territory can be contested fought over taken over, stolen from and so on.

There will be more to it as the idea becomes more polished but this is the idea thus far.

– Will continue to edit this post as things become more polished –