Pleasantly Surprised

I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised at how little resources it takes to run a server.

After playing for a while on a server that I consider to be a cesspool, a server run on a crappy, laggy, error riddled server that is run on an Amazon VM apparently, I decided to build a box and dedicate 30/30mb to it for the game. The box is Windows 7 Professional, 64gb DDR 3 2333 and a 250GB SSD. Twin Radeon HD 7950 cards, crossfire.

Long story short, the box is WAY overpowered. After running the server on it for a bit, I decided to get as much of my parts money back as possible and just run it on my home computer. Which has almost the same specs except only 32GB RAM.

As the game continually develops, it can only get better, in my opinion.

Right now, looking at the server, I have 36/100 players on, only using a fraction of the bandwidth I allocated to it, and almost no resources (with everything else have running on here) v1420, I took a screenshot right after I started the server with 12 folks on:

That’s great to hear!

Also, if you’re not already aware, you can restrict the Rust Dedicated Server to run as a console window only if you specify:


in the command-line when running the server.

This can squeeze some extra performance out of the server depending on your GPU (as nothing needs to be rendered).

Not right now, though, as the -batchmode switch is causing a crash on v1420