Please add a way to remove placed structures!

This is really needed, because many of us have messed up while building our structures and the pieces are stuck there permanently, unable to remove them. I don’t necessarily think making them all around breakable is a good idea (IE other players can bash it with an axe until it shatters), but having a way to remove the pieces you’ve accidentally misplaced would be extremely helpful

As well, structures are popping up EVERYWHERE, and soon there will be no more room.

Love the game, spent 15 hours straight (not exaggerating) playing it with my buddys today, keep up the great work!

Glad your having a good time.

We’ll be making structures able to take damage in a update soon. The plan is to make it so you can take structures out with the hatchet one by one or by using grenades/explosives.

I can understand not wanting other players to bring structures down that you’ve made. but repairing after and preparing before attacks to your structure will be part of the game. We will be providing more than wood peices for structures in the future which will take much longer to bring down. and the world is roughly 250 square kilometers which eventually we’ll have npcs and resources in more scattered out areas of the world instead of only in the center main area.

With that said though, I’ll make it so that a axe hit to your own structure pieces will remove it with a single hit.

How about a change to the door? Right now you can place it anywhere and spam it at people’s entrances.

Doors will be structure pieces and destructable in the same way. we’ll add in a way to set it to locked or unlocked instead of how it currently works. you’ll be able to use differen’t kinds of locks, such as a key lock which can be picked or have a combo lock or pin code lock where you can give out the digits to friends to enter. They wont be placed like how barriers or sleeping bags are now in the future.

but wont that just reinforce the already massive trend of using pre-gen buildings as bases, seeing as they would be indestructible from most walls?

It shouldent take too much to demolish a shitty wooden shack in my opinion, you should have to put some effort into reinforcing it

Right now you cant walk 10 meters without running into a crappy shack

I can’t build a base without people trying to spam doors on it.

Have different stages of visible degradation, with holes appearing in the sides the more damaged it is (which can be shot through).

Then all you’d have to do to repair it is patch it up with some additional wood, rather than crafting another wall.

Also are there any plans to fix the collisions on the walls so people can’t glitch through them? I’m constantly paranoid my barricades around my hut aren’t going to cut it. :v:

They aren’t. Barricades are a shitload easier to break through than walls.

Thank god I’ve placed 50 of the fuckers at each corner then.

I am extremely impressed Pat. A game dev whos actually listening to their fan base? There needs to be far more like you.

Your destructive pieces idea makes sense, and I support it. The only reason I initially didnt agree with it is because I’ve played in past games where pieces were destructible, and massive groups of 10 or more bandits would start hacking away at my basses and it became literally unplayable because everything I built would be destroyed before I could do anything with it. I just fear of that happening.

I’m really glad you’re making more structure materials. That was something I was really looking forward to having.

You’re doing an amazing job, I’m extremely impressed. I have one more suggestion however its probably a really unpopular suggestion, but I figured I might voice it anyways.

Sniper rifles. I know, many people like these for their own benefit, however being a lover of survivor games like these, every single one I’ve ever played, snipers did NOTHING but piss people off. The only people who would have them were bandits, and because of that bandits were able to kill anyone at any time with no issues at all, making them virtually indestructible. I’d really like to not have these, but like I said, I might not be backed up on this.

Thanks again for all your awesome support pat. Really excited to see future updates!

What we really need is in game voice chat. Typing FRIENDLY FRIENDLY just doesn’t really cut it in this kind of game.

It doesn’t cut it when you can’t see the player’s name unless you are in 25 meters of him, and before you can type “Hey I’m friendly! Don’t shoot me guy over there!”, you will be dead.

We’ll be removing the preexisting non user created buildings in a future update

We’re planning on adding some longer range weapons eventually. Its a bit tricky to do long range sniper rifles due to the network culling, as in people who are far away don’t show up or are processed on your computer at all. So snipers would see others pop in and out from far distances (~400meters) and ultimately they could either exploit that by knowing where to stand and move slightly to hide themselfs from other clients, or camping a high traffic trail and just waiting for people to appear ect.

With that said we are still planning on adding long range weapons, but they probably wont be that extremely long range ( ie. having zoom levels of 1.5x or 2x ).

We’re planning on some sort of voice chat, we’re a bit limited in web browser but we have a few options to explore still.

how about just making the structures as your own, and others can’t break it, but you

Exactly, I like that the structures are going to be destructable, however I would love to see some kind of a safe zone, where you can chill or atleast put your stuff in and no one can touch.

as far as hiding items goes, beyond using a box to store your stuff were also planning on letting people bury stuff in the ground, and will be able to retrieve with a shovel.

I think its possible we could have some sort of permanent mode in the future, but defending and rebuilding damaged structures will be part of the game.

Beyond having different strengths of materials, We’ll eventually add other defenses, and defense systems. Ideally if your being active in the game, keeping on top of your defenses, it should be a challenge to bring your structure down.

Example: a gas powered generator powering a automated turret which requires bullets and fuel to work where by wearing a IR beacon flashing at a frequency it will not shoot you.

So i mean the idea is, we make it so stuff is naturally persistant and don’t have to go through all user made items and delete them based on days not played ect as if you log out for a few days and someone else goes and takes over your camp, its not just gone

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Pat I fucking love you. Do me in the ass.

Are pillars able to be removed at this present time?