Please add admins to Official Servers

I’m enjoying the game so far, but the lack of admins is a real problem on official servers, where the hackers are rampant. I would like to hear from a Face Punch representative what they think about this. Are admins planned? If yes, when?

I’m not saying they have to be Facepunch employees, they can also be active trusted players who are given ban rights or at least the right to report hacks to developers.

I think admins can be very useful to:

  • scare away hackers, as they know there is an admin that can ban them
  • moderate the chat, as sometimes it really gets spammed for like 10 minutes with the same ads
  • actually patrol and ban hackers on sight


I think that because it is a test that even though hackers ruin the game for legit players, they are needed to help plug the holes in the game code that is allowing the exploits. It’s like a leaky boat. You wouldn’t bail it out without plugging the leak would you? Just be patient, they’ll tighten up their code and once the code is solid THEN the anti-cheats will have a MUCH easier job of detecting the hack and dealing with it.

Please Facepunch provide an official answer.