Please add characther customization.

I don’t like how my charatcher look like in-game whatsoever.
Is there gonna be characther customization in the future?
If you’re not gonna add charatcher customization, could we have a charatcher apperance change for each server after each wipe?

There will be no character customization in the future other than what you can wear in game. Instead learn some Spiritual and Philosophical ideas about self acceptance and liking who you are…

deal with being black/chinese/whatever

deal with having a little penis and stop whining , we don’t want a character customization like the abomination of ark survival evolved LOL

That’s too bad. I was looking forward to the freedom to look how I wanted in a game that claims to be all about player freedom. I hope mods will enable this if Gary doesn’t see reason.

The only reason I think there should be a character customization is Garry has long said that this game should be based around player choice, and lack of customization is a direct contradiction to that. While I could care less about what my character looks like (you never really see your character while playing and it doesn’t even affect gameplay), some people do and I can understand that they want even just a simple character creator.

I would be okay with customization in terms of face/body paint. Otherwise it doesn’t bother me that much. Of course, I haven’t logged on since the last patch, so I don’t know how ugly my character is now.

I think it won’t bother people as much once the game has more clothing types. Right now we only have a couple of each. Once we have a plethora of armor to swap in between, I think things will be a lot better. Personally, I’d rather the design team spend their time making new/badass armor and clothing rather than spending forever making a character customization engine only to have (like garry said) 90% of the playerbase be white males.

It’s time to get over this lack of character creator. We aren’t playing an RPG or a third person shooter. There is no logical reason behind wanting to change what you look like, because you can’t even look at yourself. If you seriously can’t handle the fact that you look a certain way, then wear something over your face. They have added several masks already to make things convenient.

Even first person shooters include character customization, so comparing it to RPGs is archaic. And there is logic behind wanting freedom to choose how I look, and it weighs equally with the arguments against it. Like I said before, I just hope a mod can be developed that allows it.

There really isn’t haha, the only argument you could bring up would just make you come across as racist/sexist because there is literally no reason to not be OK with how you look in the game. Character creation was never promised and I seriously doubt a mod will be able to change how the creation process interacts with your steamid.

There really is, especially without sounding racist or sexist. It’s called freedom to choose. The only argument against that would make you sound fascist because there literally is no reason to deny this to players. A lot of things have been modded in that people didn’t think were possible, so hopefully even if Gary doesn’t want to put in customization, he’ll leave it open for modders to.

I wonder how popular the “let everyone play as white males with giant dicks” mod will be :v:

Seriously though, I think it’s pretty cool that you are who you are in Rust. A character creator would really detract from all of that and probably cause the above issue anyway ^

I’d guess it wouldn’t be as popular as the “create yourself in game” mod. Especially on servers that want to add roleplay. Sure there are gonna be trolls and bigots, but they’re already here anyways. The omission of a character creator isn’t going to discourage them.

I don’t mind the fact that I’m a black man with a micropenis. I really don’t. I get that I shouldn’t have total control over what I look like. But I wish it wasn’t chosen based on your steam ID. I wish I could have chosen my own “seed” for my character.

Do we really want Rust to end up being a parade of this?


I don’t, but Ark is a pretty bad example to lean on given the graphics are a lot cartoonier than Rust and the limits to customization in it are horribly excessive. I understand and even agree with those that don’t want to see that in Rust, but I disagree that Ark alone is proof why customization shouldn’t be in the hands of the players.

If we’re lucky we might see Character modifications to do with our beard and hair, if so i’d look forward to being able to braid my hair and beard, and adding my enemies finger bones to the braids.

See what that person did to their female head? How they made it as small as possible? Now put that head on a small black man with the tiniest penis possible, and you’ll have the vast majority of all rust players if you have your way. People will abuse the system to give themselves a tactical advantage, all so 1% of the community can play a Sims creator knockoff instead of the actual game.