Please add Linux support :<

Now that Easy Anti Cheat has added full support for Linux, can you make Rust work again?
I really want to play some Rust.

Rust already works on Linux with Steam Proton. Is just that Easy Anti Cheat does not let you join servers.
As of the last month or so Epic updated Easy Anti Cheat to works with Linux natively. As they put it “Developers only have to turn it on.”

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I know, they will probably set it up once Steam Deck launches later this month.

Whom, Epic or Facepunch?


please do … I want the linux version too … Currently running a non eac server just to play …

EAC Made simply on linux for Devs .

I know you guys made the call to withdraw linux support but… the game works, the servers work, runs great on linux… So come on … you wont loose face by enabling this … We will just love you more … :slight_smile:


They don’t need to compile a new version, just add ONE script to allow EAC to work under Proton.


Also it would make more sense for Facepunch to release it BEFORE the steam deck to confirm it works for the people who already have the game running under linux. Free beta testing to ensure a better response for people with the Steam Deck


They literary have Steam Deck, they can test it themselves tho.

And if they have it running internally they should allow people to play on linux externally too.

As described, a single employee could accomplish the requisite steps in literally ten minutes. It makes no sense for Facepunch not to do it.

  • Proton supports Easy Anti-Cheat without requiring any recompilation, but it does require you to manually enable support for your build by following these steps in order:
    1. Go into the EAC settings on the EAC partner site and enable Linux support from the dashboard.
    2. Once that’s done, download the EAC Linux library ( ) for the SDK version integrated with your game, and add it to your depot next to the Windows library ( EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll ).
    3. Lastly, on the Steamworks site, publish a new build of your game containing the new depot contents. (You don’t have to make any changes to the game executable, just include the new files in the depot contents.)

that’s it

and besides, I don’t really care about the steamdeck, they should want people to be able to play under proton on non steam deck devices. I’d like to play rust again, and so would a lot of people.

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I’m not really into handheld consoles myself, but I will be getting rid of my Windows partition asap. I’ve committed to not purchasing any games anymore that either won’t work on Linux or worn’t work with Linux/Proton. If I was going to dual boot anything in the future it will probably be with SteamOS 3, not windows.

“It makes no sense for Facepunch not to do it.”.

Given the information present, you’re right, so it all boils down to the ultimate question affecting all EAC enabled games, which is…

Why not?

I seriously doubt anyone is going to get any proper answer to this if it’s gone this long without any good communication.

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Done :+1: