Please add Linux support :<


I beg you Face Punch! Now APAX works on Linux.

You should definitely spam this thread every few days, I heard that really entices Facepunch employees to work on what you and a tiny subset of the community want.

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squeaky wheel gets the grease bub. You might have a point if this were something complicated, but as I mentioned above, anyone with access to the Facepunch Steamworks management account could do it. An intern could get it done in like 15 minutes. And since it’s “such a tiny subset of the community”, they don’t really need to test it to verify it isn’t buggy.
This should have been done months ago, and there is literally NO reason not to enable proton support on Multiplayer servers.

They admitted it will never, ever, be a thing.


Is an update coming? i would get this game in a second if it had linux support


Have you tried using Windows? I heard it works great on there.

Some software only runs on linux.
And some people need that software running.

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WSL is a great thing. Or Cygwin. Really a lot of choices there.

Windows, OSX and Linux are all good operating systems, though each not without their own distinct limitations and flaws.

It’s always good for the end consumer when people have choice and aren’t restricted to one particular platform.

The majority of my Steam library runs fine on linux thanks to Proton, and it’s where I tend to spend most of my time (I rarely boot into Windows any more). But despite having a dual boot not everyone wants to purchase/play a game that only works on their non-preferred platform, which is reasonable. Especially if the developer can enable a function that will allow it to run on the Linux OS.

When you talk about a tiny subset of the community…

If you mean the Rust community, then surely the Rust community would mainly consist of Windows users if the game only runs on Windows.

If you mean the PC gaming community, then the more games work with Proton, the larger that community would get as people are given choice.

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Unfortunately, I already bought the game without knowing that the game has limitations when running on Linux. Seriously, is it worth waiting for Linux support or asking for a refund for the game?

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If Linux is the only OS you are running at present and you don’t have a dual boot then a refund request would (too me) seem like the logical course of action.

Given the time from Steam Deck release, and there still being no Proton compatibility available, I would have said it would be unlikely to arrive anytime soon if at all.

It’s always worth check game compatibility on ProtonDB first as there are still many games (usually EAC based but not exclusively so) that do not support Proton and online play.

That’s not really good enough, and we shouldn’t accept developers not putting in the very minimal effort to add the .so file to allow EAC to work. It doesn’t require recompilation nor changing of EAC version or type. Facepunch has absolutely no reason not to do it, and it is incredibly easy to do.

if they dont want to enable linux support its their choice tho