Please add more official Asia servers

I’m pretty sure something similar has been requested before but, as of right now the problem is still here. As I am writting this post; there’s really only ONE official facepunch server in the Asia region, that is Facepunch Hong Kong.
Initially the sever was doing fine with 500 player slots, which is a pretty decent capacity. However, the issue right now is the fact that the number of player slots has decreased to a mere 200 which is
definitely not enough. Adding to it, the server constantly displays that there is 1-3 slots empty; but attempts to join the server is met with “server is full”. So please, add more official Asia servers. Please. I don’t enjoy the fact that I can’t play Rust because there isn’t any servers available that aren’t full.

Also, save the whole “why don’t you play on community servers” reasoning. Its not the same.

i agree with increasing the number of australasian servers (although that will likely be included in their official server upgrades in the future).

that said, care to explain why a highly populated, vanilla community server is not the same as an official server in your eyes?

>constantly displays that there is 1-3 slots empty

A server with 197/200 players might actually have 197 connected players and 3 players currently connecting / loading into the game.