Please add personal map to wood shacks

I love this game, however, there needs to be a personal map back to the buildings and furnaces a person creates that noone else can see on the map but the person that builds them please i have a wooden shack, and two places where I can burn a campfire and smelter my ore and I can’t find any of them after I die it’s just a suggestion it would make it a lttle easier thanks for your time.

Sleeping bags will bring you back from the dead at where you placed them.

Just no. It’s easy to find your way around after an hour or two…

After playing for a week or two you’ll be able to know within minutes of spawn where you are and which way is your base. The playable map is accually pretty small and mountains, although look same-sh, have thier distinct features. Add to that the road, rad towns and the sun for directions - there is no need for map at all.