Please add windows!

Hello, I have notice I am not the only one with this problem, the thing is that since we can no longer place doors on the window frame we get raided very easily since we can close the windows requesting something that may close them.

Solution: never build windows again :zoid:

Yes. Windows should be implemented. Wooden, or metal windows would be good. With the simple cross bars +. That way you can still see out of the windows, open the windows, shoot through the windows. They could basically be the same as doors…you need C4 to breach them, and can only be opened and closed by the person that placed them!

Add Shutters to the craft menu. It should be easy to implement. Just make the Door model but cut in half. 20 wood to make. AND / OR make it so players can’t climb through windows.

Well you build pillars taller than your house on the outside, and place your windows higher up so people can’t jump or build into them. Would be cooler to have windows, as the pillars kind of block your view.

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Thing about the windows, they should be pretty easy to break into. Like wood windows could be broken into by gunfire or melee, like the door. And metal windows could have like bullet proof glass and stuff… :smiley:

Use doorways instead of windows.

Should be able to craft wood window and metal window for the half amount of materials a door would require and then be able to place them on the window “way” were you previously put doors.