Please Add Workbench

PLS Add Workbench

100-200 Craft Second OMG

I think they will not add it because if they wanted they already would. Me personaly I dont like the idea that someone is running around and constantly crafting GP at his home.

I disagree with the wait times at the moment. I do understand that there needs to be a balance between raiding and building, but I find it tiresome and annoying just to leave my device open for my character to craft gunpowder. Sure, more people would craft things faster, but overall, I’d rather enjoy my time doing something and not just sitting in place. Neither do I want to leave my pc open for 45 minutes just for 1xC4. This applies to anything else.
Having a workbench where you could queue items would seem more than a great idea to me. It would remove a part of the “grinding” if I can call it so. Also, please keep in mind that most of the servers are wipping once every week. ( there’s already enough time spent on finding blueprints )

Note: You can no longer minimize the game without getting disconnected after you get back in (fullscreen) and keeping it in window mode it is still a pain because it uses a lot of resources. (a minimum of 4Gb RAM on a 3GB VRAM Card)

Thats one way to looke at it, and I must admit I agree with you in this way. Btw if you run game in windowed mode, you can ALt-tab.

Hello, i think Rust brings me back to the old days. Remember those games when you needed to use bots so you can grind, leave the pc on with the bot and then go to sleep? O this what you do with the gunpowder now. Thank you god i have a mouse that has triple click so i can queue gunpowder faster. And guess what for one c4 i need 45 minutes of waitting. So in one night i can craft like 9 if i leave my pc while sleeping. Hey i feel is like a game from 2000. The best feeling ever.

Rust for people who miss the feeling of 2000’s games where bots where the answer.

Can you make c4 cost more? I mean like 2 hours crafting for one? I mean now is damn easy.

By the way i am crafting one right now, while i am taking a shower going to bathroom and then take a walk outside. After that i think i will have some exercise. After that maybe i can raid a house with 1 c4. And then back to the routine.

Don’t you love raiding?

craft c4? afk 1 hour.
craft ammo? afk 1 hour. (30sec for 3 bullets)
craft something afk N-hours.

I changed my mind! I want that workbench!!!

No need for bots. What about making a salvage gunpowder machine which makes gun powder out of input resources (just like the furnace). We know electricity is coming up and with a simple machine in your base you would be able to produce stuff like gunpowder. See where this is going? I actually think this is the path Facepunch is going for based on the info i found about the future of Rust.

It does feel very grindy. It is rather disappointing for someone who can’t spend too much in the game, just to waste those hours on , what ? Staring at a screen? Just because people can leave their device open just for a process to run, doesn’t mean it should be that way. But hey, everybody has an opinion.

I personally can’t leave it open all the time.

repair bench should be combined with the workbench;)