Please allow my country

Okay, my friend gifted me Rust, but i can’t add it to my library because it is restricted in my country Lithuania. I really want to play Rust but can’t… Please… And no i won’t use a VPN!

If the game is restricted in Lithuania, then it’s the laws of Lithuania that are to blame, not the game devs or publishers. There’s nothing Facepunch can do about that.

Okay, but if it’s restricted, why does it let me buy Rust for myself, no gift. Like it shouldn’t even show it for me when i search it. Like Warface, it doesn’t pop up in the search for me. Shouldn’t rust be like that too?

You’re the one living in Lithuania, not us. Perhaps you should look into the reason why it’s restricted rather than asking a bunch of people that aren’t from there and don’t know your laws.

That’s between Steam and Lithuania. You’ll probably get a faster response from Steam Support than you will the government.

At the very least you’ll be able to arrange for a refund if you contact steam support.

Restricted in what way? Where is your friend from? I’m from Latvia and everything is fine here.

I don’t think Lithuania itself is the issue.

Didn’t Valve add in restrictions for the countries that gifts on Steam can be activated in in an effort to prevent people buying cheap games and selling them? E.g. the actual inventory item lists a bunch of countries that it can’t be activated in.

That’s what I’m thinking of. For example Russia is very limited as to where it can gift.

itisjuly i just can’t add it to my library. add me on steam Fm1z

Hello, im from Lithuania and i have 630 hours of rust and this game is not restricted in Lithuania

sounds like you should just contact steam support and explain in details what happens/don’t happens.

Cushie gave you your answer of the likely cause up above. You can’t activate it because it was a gift. If you buy Rust yourself, you can play it.

Cushie and Crunchmeister are correct, see