Please answer?

I have one simple question, but nobody seems to have an answer.

How do I get people to download my vehicles from the server, I use a car pack. But they don’t have the vehicles in there spawn menu.

Help would REALLY be appreciated!

They have to download them out of the game I think.

How annoying, there really must be a way to get this working. Any ideas?


I’ve tried setting up sv_downloadurl but it doesn’t work. It always makes clients get stuck while Retrieving Info!

Ask the maker or a lua coder to updae the addon for server download support. It’s less than 10 lines of code I believe

Are you setting up fast download correctly?

Garrys mod is very strange compared to counster-strike source when it comes to fast downloading, if you haven’t set up the fast download correctly the server will force download phantom files which actually don’t exist, you need to extract the models/materials/sounds and put them normally in your fast download server and you then need to upload your cache/dua folder to the fast download so the clients can download all the lua files.

Do you know what these lines of code are, I’m sure I could add them.
Quick search around and I can’t find them