please ban Jon_sp

please ban Jon_SP he hatcheted me and my friend from a long distance and he used speedhack aswell.please ban

Can confirm, definitely speed hacks and not lag. jon_sp

They dont even have a freaking ban system yet. Jeez.

Sorry but normally you would need evidence to prove this situation, if you expect some punishments to be laid out.

There are no punishments yet, even with proof.

Enough with the ban threads already, just test the damn game.

cant test it when theres a guy sitting on a hill hatcheting you when you step outside your goddam door…

Dont want to budge in here :3

Back to topic, like CaptainTensho said, there’s no Ban System yet.
Also, where would the proof of hacking be?

What’s up with suttles and sparkly marking everyone dumb?