Please ban MrNiko....

I’m one of the only Rust streamers and of the 4 times I’ve streamed, he’s speedhacked me (invis too this time) EVERY time. I realise it’s alpha, and there is no anti-cheat, but the evidence is a bit too much to handle.

This Niko guy killed me on the way to the factory. Starting to get annoying

I’ve been speedhacked by a few people before, but this guy is the only one who does it when I’m streaming, I wouldn’t post unless I was annoyed. It doesn’t exactly make the game look too good when this happens every time I try to show people it too.

Saw the stream… YEP, hes kinda of invisible or just speedhacking like a baws…



You could Dox him, post his address, Facebook account, and Twitter or something. There’s no better and cruel punishment than tearing the barrier of privacy from him.

(User was banned for this post ("Suggesting to break personal info rule" - Craptasket))

Saw both of the events on the stream just now and he deserves to be punished.

Hacking is an issue every time i have attempted to record some invisible guy just comes in front of me and kills me. Garry’s Mod has never had this issue, Well good luck Psi Fighting the stream hackers

Fookin speedhackers

I totally agree, ban this MrNiko guy, there are alot of evidence, aswell as vitnesses… seems to be no legit reason not to ban him

I like how you killed me (even tough I helped you defend your house and I was just building my own), but after that I saw on the stream(as it was lagging) how MrNiko stabbed you while he was invisible. Hope he gets banned.

It’s very annoying and every single time I watch Psi play Rust he just gets speedhacked…it’s absurd.

I’ve watched many peopole’s youtube, twitch, and other sources videos, there’s alot of people who reported Mr.Niko.

Although it’s not relevant, I’m sorry, I kill people that I’m not sure about, if you get to know the guys who I’m friendly with then you’re good, I’ll try to remember your name.

He should have his Alpha revoked(and givin to someone else :D) and have a temp ban on the full release or something. he wants to ruin other people’s day, he can GTFO

Let’s use this as the chat for now since you keep looking at it, hi

Lewis, if you read this…I just wanna say: I love you :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, you just reminded me that you speedhack, thanks for the reminder. Otto killed you after you killed me using it.

I Know how you fell PSI I got killed by him when i was trying to make a base and i had some decent loot. :suicide:

Pwnapple hacks too, he even said that he “doesn’t do it anymore” on the server today when Garry was on, I wish some Facepunch admin or something had permissions to ban, so many obvious people.