Please Ban Zimbolt

Zimbolt has been speedhacking ALL NIGHT! Deserves a ban - I’m pretty sure Jackool has footage.


There must be a better way to report this…

Blasphemy, I don’t know how / would never hack this amazing game. Show me some proof, hackers are also switching/forging their names (My friend killed me yet he couldn’t have been on since he was at work). I’ve also been killed many times by an apparent admin (his username was literally admin).

I’m no master coder hacker guy, I have no clue about that kind of stuff.

Note to Devs / Staff :

While I realize this game is in Alpha, You’d expect to have some sort of rudimentary packet checking (check if someone’s moving too fast maybe?) / anticheat. Even WarZ had this basic feature (soon cracked lol). Either way, great job on the game, even in this alpha stage it’s much better than WarZ!


You have been hacking for a long fucking time now.

Same name, same play style, and we have proof off of a stream. We’ll leave it up to the devs to decide your ban or not.

What’s your current name then? Pretty suspicious that you randomly signed up on Facepunch after you stop speedhacking into our camp.

I signed up because I specifically saw this thread! I don’t hack, I don’t know how to hack either. I’m very bad at coding actually (I can sorta read some assembly, that’s about it).

who cares about hackers! just test the game and stop trying to tell on fellow players.
Get finding stuff wrong. you guys don’t deserve keys.

Don’t deserve a key because speedhackers run around and hatchet people? That doesn’t even make sense.
Stop trying to put down fellow players - it doesn’t make you any better. I’m out of this thread before it gets worse.

No hard video evidence, but I can certainly vouch that he either is or was previously hacking, as I’ve lost plenty of gear to his invisible spam-hatchet pre-update.

obvious self-loving hacker