Please Blacklist AHK to address Script Abuse

Greetings All,

I wanted to make a post in the hopes that the Devs may address this issue. Many players are abusing Autohotkey in order to give a “no-recoil” on the AK.

As a programmer myself I know AHK has many legitimate uses, however I hope the community would agree with me that it should be a blacklisted program on Cheatpunch & EAC.

I’m not suggesting an all out Ban but rather as a preventative measure, If AHK is detected then Rust should not launch E.G (EAC Disconnected).

I have been playing Battlefield servers and Battle Royal I’ve seen players with less than 10 hours in game kill me and others from a crazy distance and get concurrent headshots with the AK.

I will be the first to admit the AK recoil is bad but learning how to control it is the fun & challenge, I am not a god when it comes to aim. But there have been so many fishy kills.

The fact that it is undetected and unbannable at this stage means there is no consequences for using it.

Please I beg you, do something before everyone and their Grandmother starts using it.

Pizza, could you remove the thread as not to tip off players in the community about such a thing, I think small exposure would be best and let the Devs handle such a thing.

AHK no-recoil scripts have been around for over a year. If anyone doesn’t know it yet it’s because they’re pure enough of heart to have not made the two seconds of effort on Google to find one.

I believe AHK was blocked by EAC for a little while; either that or it wasn’t and the moron was trying to probe for info about his hack without actually revealing that he was hacking. :v:

There is a huge AHK problem on the moment. If they dont want to block it or cannot block it, maybe they (developers ) should consider then to completely remove the recoil so everyone has the same chance of winning.

Is your moron & hacking comments aimed at me ?

I can remove the post if you so wish not a problem, But I Thought it was best to call these things out to make it known, as above poster stated it takes 2 seconds to find out on Google.

By all means if a Mod agrees please remove the post I wish not to anger anyone but only look for a solution. AHK is not blacklisted and I would never use such a script as it is cheating.

It defeats the whole point of the game IMHO and I never cheat on Games such an unfounded accusation I find offensive. I love Rust and have had so much fun on the game. Dev time should not be spent mitigating hacks and cheats but that is a problem with humanity nobody can address.

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A step in the right direction I’m not sure removing the recoil is the way to go as that would make it a bit easymode. However I do agree something really needs to be done about it. Not the devs fault but still a problem nonetheless.

Perhaps making the recoil less of a predictable pattern or simply blacklisting AHK / All Macro Programs like AutoIT etc…

No, the ‘moron’ is referring to the person in a thread from ages ago who claimed that EAC was blocking AHK. It’s why I was using the past tense.

I have no reason to talk to you like that.

Thank you my apologies in that case I thought the same as in was a bit harsh but I was incorrect. Sincere apologies for my misunderstanding.

Quite frankly, its an even shittier way to control recoil. It doesn’t account for the weapon’s recoil moving on the X-axis, it merely pulls it down. Then you gotta fine tune your sensitivity and script for that particular gun, setup a bunch of redundant hotkeys, ect. It’s much better to just have a good sensitivity and have the ability to pull the gun in any direction to compensate for recoil.

i don’t use it, but i too was under the impression it was one of the devices blocked by EAC (in everything but DayZ, who specifically chose to allow its use).

Well I do agree with you on your latter point, but my issue is the fact that it exists and is not blacklisted.

Once a script has been fine tuned enough which, in all fairness takes very little knowledge of programming to do with AHK it will be much more effective than a human could be consistently.

Either way its a massively unfair advantage.

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Me too I thought so too, I can’t say I have tried it myself but several sources which I will not link say it isn’t. Google search it, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is not blacklisted.

As you correctly point out AHK and others are blacklisted on other games, many many games infact.

Main reason being is that it mimics mouse movement instead of Injecting into memory like other Hacks/Exploits.

So detection of this from a technical stand point is much harder to do, not to mention that AHK could be used for other things like Botting.

If someone was so inclined they could program a bot similar to WoW Glider, sure its very unlikely but still possible in a much lower level way.

Related thread below, many useful responses, hoping for a bit more support from the FP Community on this issue.