Please bring back the Tall and Beautiful Redwood Trees, my inner Ewok misses them

I miss the the tall beauty of the Redwood trees, they were at the time my favourite thing within Rust, and really gave a sense of age but now with them gone the game seems sparse or like a teenager on a diet, and i miss being able to make tree houses, this makes my inner Ewok very sad. The following links show my tree houses that made my Ewok soul very happy.

i got the impression that the trees are dynamic, that they would start as saplings, be replaced by small trees, then large trees. maybe these could be the oldest version of the tree:)

they look like shit…

That would be cool, I’d wall off forest areas to protect trees from logging so that they could reach their full height potential.

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why do you think that?

Wouldn’t be able to make the tree house tho because of stability

No, it is true, that sometimes they really looked ugly, I was also glad when they switched to a more generally looking one. But seeing them on those pictures, they could be taken back especially for buildings built on tree.

This is true and rather unfortunate that we wont see those again. I as well miss the days of being able to put your shacks above sight into the thickest part. It was (at the time) an almost raid proof way to survive.
And if you did log them,what did they yield? like 10k wood?

You can and would still be able you’d just have to set the base foundation right and build pillars to support the stair case. Or you could turn the stability off in the server.

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Yeah i think it was 10k wood, there was a bug where you’d end up inside the tree if you got too close

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There really isn’t anything I like about the current trees, they don’t give the sense of age and Post Apocalypse feel that Rust needs. But each to their own i guess.

I honestly wanted to make a thread yesterda about bringing them back in to the game.


No the fps drop was unbearable with these trees, at least re texture them

re-texure them yes but the fps was fine for me at the time, it was building parts that caused problems.