please come in fast

i dont know why but some 1 deleted my other thread.
I want that people can play on my map that i build on save game but i dont know where are the save game’s are and where i need to put the files to make it work,
i mean that how dose i convert the save game to a map that people can open on gmod.
By the way i want to create montions and sea, river like alot of maps that im playing on gmod and i dont have the tools so if some 1 can bring me them and type how to use them it will be very nice.

under the saves folder, then shove the file into a zip folder and upload it, and in the description list what models, npcs you used so they know if they have em, and PLEASE TYPE BETTER!

I don’t understand you. Even if you improved your spelling.

First of all, you make maps with the SDK(Source developer kit), You don’t make maps in saved games. However you can upload the saved game.

By the way, you never, EVER, remake deleted or DDT’d(Drop Dead Thread) threads.

but in what dic are the save game files
and ill improve my spelling,
im just a student and my first lang is not english so sorry hh

What? If you mean floders its C/Yourpc/programfiles/steam/steamapps/yoursteamname/garrysmod/garrysmod/saves

you want to use saves on a server
that’s impossible

sorry in my contry we like to say dic like dictionary not foldar
but thank you so much you helped me.
i’ll practice on my spelling.