Please Crank Up The Consumption of Food and Water

As the title says, right now it’s a pretty pointless system and it makes things like water catchers and hunting for food completely pointless. I’d expect to run out of water 1-2 times a day in game and food once every 2-3 days if I’m going easy and water should be 3-4 times a day and food 2-3 (yes 3000-4000 water needed per day and 2000-3000 food) times a day if I’m doing a lot of farming, sprinting, building, crafting etc. As it sits right now the environment isn’t hard at all and I’d love to see it be an actual factor in the game.



So you’d make the game more “realistic” by making people eat ~500 steaks and drinking ~300 bottles of water every hour or so (because a day and a night cycle is about that long)?

If one steak and one bottle of water took me from 0 to 100, your idea would make sense. Three steaks and three bottles of water per ~hour is not awful. I could live with that. I don’t really know what kind of “fun” it would add to my game though. Having to stop what you’re doing to eat and drink multiple times an hour would be more annoying than engaging. That kind of realism I can do without.

I think those numbers are perhaps a bit exaggerated, but I’m in agreement that metabolism needs to be kicked up a few notches. Right now, the only time food is really used is when you need to heal, and water when you need to cleanse rads (well, assuming there was still radiation).

I still haven’t played this game where after a few days, I don’t have a crate full of cooked wolf meat sitting in my base and rarely ever have to hunt again until the next wipe.

I think it’s a low priority feature.

I agree. But still, it wouldn’t be a big job to add like a 3-5x multiplier to the current metabolism rate so that food and water (and related objects and activities) aren’t utterly pointless. That would be a good placeholder until they actually properly implement metabolism and attach it to activity.

Maybe it’s more involved than just adding a multiplier, I don’t know.

I get what you mean though.

Yeah, my math was shit this morning but you guys got the idea haha :slight_smile:

One thing I like about rust over other survival games is you don’t need to constantly be eating/drinking to stay alive. Yeah it’s realistic but it’s also a drag on game play if it’s over done. You should be able to last days without eating nothing. Also more food would need to be put into the environment before any changes to hunger were made.

I think they already have plans for doing this, but probably need to have the other necessary systems in place, e.g better ways to get water and farm food.

How about they just cut the max to 100 and keep the same rates of decline.

Ever stop to think “Hey surviving in the wild naked… maybe its not meant to be fun…” Challenge > Ez-mode

Need Animal Husbandry and more Farming Plants/Tools first I think.

Why is more food needed? There are animals. Sure, they’re not plentiful (yes, we do need more animals), but they’re there. You can’t walk 20 meters without seeing multiple mushrooms. Every second barrel you crack open has beans, tuna or some other food item. And then there’s corn and pumpkins you can cultivate; both of these being useless resources making farming them pointless at the moment. And of course there’s human meat you can collect from player corpses. There’s more than enough food in the game.

I don’t think we should be eating and drinking constantly, but calories should be burned via increased activity, and yes, you SHOULD have to eat and drink regularly to stay alive. Not starving or dying of thirst is part of survival. At the moment, it isn’t.

As long as it’s a balanced approach I would be very ok with more of a realistic food water need. As it stands I eat three whole deer and I’m good for a month, am I a snake?

Yeah box food yields are the real insanity, within 1 hour after 5 boxes I basically had max food.

Challenging? Stopping what you’re doing multiple times an hour and opening your inventory to eat and drink is not challenging.

I believe you’ve confused “challenging” with “annoying”.

Anyway, like I said. I could get behind making food matter more. As others have pointed out, it’s pretty worthless right now. Increased consumption during hard physical activity, etc. is a good idea. I just don’t think making it “realistic” in this case is a good idea. I’m sure that this is on the Dev’s radar though - so we’ll see soon enough.

Properly balanced, you wouldn’t have to eat and drink that often. But at the very least, you should have to do it at least once per game day in order to survive. Otherwise, having a metabolism system is a waste altogether. There’s already zero pve threat in the game as it stands and animals and food are next to useless with metabolism as it is. SOmething has to change.

Once per game day is okay. What I meant was that I don’t think it would be good to make it "realistic’ in the sense that I have to sit down to a full meal three times every game day with snacks in between and 8 cups of water and all that nonsense we do IRL.