Please Create a Block Add-on to get rid of build sphere's

I’m sure there are some oversights in this idea that could be fixed fairly easily. Feel free to add your own (reasonable) thoughts or objections.

I see use for the cupboard for at least rotating/repairing building blocks (within it’s radius) if this idea gets implemented, but to do away with the anti-building radius and add some new fun to the game, I would like to suggest one-sided corrugated and spiked building block add-ons (ceiling/wall/floor/foundation). One for inflicting damage (+25% build/upgrade cost-per-block), and one for simply denying the ability to attach additional blocks (+15% build/upgrade cost-per-block).

Given the concept, I’m sure you could understand why it would be important to prevent players from rotating blocks that they aren’t authorized to… but if the add-on were able to be removed (50%block damage?) then the block could be built on to… I believe this would add some balance to appease both builders and raiders.

this would also add an extra level of depth to things like labyrinths, and hopefully open the game up to possibilities like trap doors and spike pits.

This is similar to an idea I posted when cupboards came out.

I see minimal similarity, and some pretty broad differences between the way you explained your idea, and the way my own was explained…

I’m afraid “caps” isn’t a very descriptive term, and I’m not a fan of patent trolls… but perhaps I am misinterpreting how you meant that. On the other hand, great minds do think alike, so they say.

oh yeah, and as for that “late” post on my thread… October 2014: that person may want to retract that.

i.e. a “cap”

cap: verb
place a limit or restriction

A building structure that would prevent additions.

I was just point out it was similar in nature.

Even in October you were late. Howie came up with that shit in September.

i think you are being a bit optimistic there;)

for me, i don’t think we should need the cupboard to rotate panels. currently both sides of walls etc have the same health, ie there is no weak side. i like the idea of wall spikes etc, but don’t think they need to be built into the walls, they could just be placed like foundation ramps etc.

edit, ninja’d reference

I did agree that there were minimal similarities. It is still extremely vague and very different in nature, as yours related to only foundations rather than individual building blocks and was otherwise quite non-descript and lacks utility. Personally i think it would be obnoxious, but apparently your ideas don’t fall far from the tree…

This actually inspired my idea. I have been following trello for a long time, and i was brainstorming ideas to assist. Again, it’s not the same thing, and spiked foundations would be nice, but wouldn’t prevent an entire block from being added on to, and lacks the utility of my own suggestion.

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Thanks for the input, I agree i can be overly optimistic at times lol. I could see it working similarly how you have suggested, I just want to make everything spiky

The basis of both ideas is to somehow prevent additional building by placing a building object. The only real difference is you have expanded the the idea to include walls/floors/ceilings

This also was part of the basis for my suggestion. The idea being that if the exposed side of the foundation was utilized by some other building object (i.e spikes or ramps) that building object would have to be removed before you could build. This does not hold true for spikes walls. They wouldn’t prevent additions of new foundations, which is the crux of the problem when it comes to cupboards’ protection radius.

I don’t see the utility of wall/floor/ceiling spikes as it pertains to being an alternative the building protection. The only part that makes sense for this specific use is foundation spikes.

That isn’t to say that wall/floor/ceiling spikes wouldn’t be a good addition, I just don’t see how it fits into the main issue as named in the title of this post: “to get rid of build sphere’s”

This is exactly my point.

constructive input, now we’re getting somewhere! That is a good point about foundations… even if disconnected, they could still place another up close. The damage may work as a deterrent to some, but it would be a more sophisticated and interesting system to balance… in the least i feel that would be an improvement over having a magical anti-build bubble… the thought that kept coming to mind for me is the stairwells people used to build around the exteriors of bases to find ways in, since the ground levels are usually more reinforced… had a feeling i was having a lapse in thought there though…

This is more symptomatic of how current mechanics for how c4 is currently placed. If c4 was say replaced by a barrel of gun powder that couldn’t be attached to a wall, you would have some issues blowing a hole in a wall over a gap.

Regardless of who came up with the idea, neither wod syop people from builing right in front of your doors and walling you into your own base. Which is realistiy the main reason for the to cupboards anyway

Actually it would mitigate that to a certain extent. Just need to plan your buildings to mitigate this better.