Please create some way to contain animals !!

Would love a way to build a fenced in area, and have some horses in there as a pasture or corral, or have some caged wolfs/bears for display, but the building pieces dont have colliders that keep animals from walking right through, please add colliders to certain pieces like jail bars, and chain link fence that will contain animals, and maybe add short fence item or wood, chainlink, steel bars to build to make corrals, pastures, or cages for animals. Also, so that animals within the fenced/caged area do not despawn out…

I really love the idea of being able to create a farm, and hope they create the ability to cage animals for a safe and secure source of food.

I do like this idea, but the Ai in rust seriously needs to be fixed before they can even think of doing stuff like this. If they added colliders to the animals they would probably just scale the wall/fence like they do with rocks now.

As soon as any kind of hunger comes in that would be great

And to find a bear in your beer clamp.

Hell yeah, imagine scouting for chicken eggs that’d need heat to hatch and you’d get a chicken out of it who’d make eggs etc etc…

It could make a great addition to those who create bases.

we could build chicken coops now that we have chain link lol

Dude, they can’t keep bears from walking through walls into bases and killing sleepers, you think they can figure out how to cage them?

^ not yet, they have not gotten to that stage of development yet. I see no reason for then implement something like this is an idea but that’s not our call it’s theirs.

besides I can already see some assholes c4ing my fucking chickens lol

Yesterday using the Pet mod my friends and I put a boar inside a jail cell, but it died inside lol Must yearn for open fields or maybe just needed to eat and drink lol

They die as a pet.

Fail pet owner. My god if it was a beautiful pony. You monster