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For some reason it wont let me delete this post

What’s the point of the gamemode? Seems like you’re just smashing into walls

really old prototype I have better footage but I lost it lol

Couldn’t you just take more footage instead of using old footage?

I lost the game. I had it backed up in github but I deleted it

should I just delete this thread?


can i just say something, i saw this earlier.
i think you should probably stick with 1 gamemode idea for now,
work on it, add more ideas to it, since that stair one could maybe lead somewhere, but you really gotta add ideas and think of what could make it more fun and such.

i kept thinking about multiple gamemodes too much, and what happens is you will end up with a bunch a skimmed together ideas and a barebones gamemodes which may or may not all work but wont be too much fun since its only the basic ideas, you gotta keep thinking of how to improve it till you get something that people can appreciate more.

thats why i am putting my other ideas on hold in a trello, and am putting most my focus on one gamemode for now to get that to be something much more fun.
even if i really want to spread my focus out, i want to make something fun and something that will get done and not abandoned, i want to follow through with the gamemode, try as much as i can to try make it decent.
spreading out the focus wont allow that to happen.

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