Please do something with limits

Please do something with the limits on posts and replies, it’s annoying, for example, when you know the answer to a question, but you spent all your replies on exactly the same questions, or I have a thread Bhop and Surf that typed quite a few messages, but I can not answer any of them. Yesterday I tried to write to the bot, tried to create a suggestion for forum, but I just couldn’t because the limit. :skull:

So that I’m not a moron who only asks but does not offer, I will offer several of my suggestions:

  1. You can make a separate group for active users who would have increased limits, I understand that adding people there is a hassle, but you can appoint a leader who would assign this group to others.
  2. Just increasing limits x2.
  3. Make it easier to get a trust level

4. Try to remove the limits for a while and see what happens :thinking:

  1. Leave a limit on creating posts, remove limits on replies or that there was a limit of replies for each post, and not a summation of all replies.

I completely understand the annoyance about posting levels, but the initial restrictions only last for the first 24hrs of the account.

With using an account for the past two days I’ve not really encountered any noticeable limits at the basic permissions level most people have, after the initial 24hours.


I hope so, because I answer everything that is possible to answer.:ok_hand:t2:


The restriction is there to prevent spam which increases the quality of people replies as they have to use it wisely.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Exactly, this is perfect as it is. A common occurrence on the old forums was people who were new to the whole forum concept would create an account and post on every thread just for the sake of posting.

You had joejohnathon2007 join and go to every thread and spam low quality, thought vomit posts. I think the idea is that the system will prevent that.


If you check the badges page you’ll see that at the bottom there are some roles that show that people get increased limits for stuff over time, it’s just a bit unclear.

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Does not really do a good deal in outlining your current limits. There’s no mention of like limits apart from a multiplicative increase when going up to rank Member, for example.

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