Please do this!

I had an awesome idea!
i space shuttle that separates like real ones
i looked in and:nothing
i tried to do it, but i failed
Obviosly it must be done with wiremod

Its something like this

I actually did that before in gmod 9

Can you cut the shit with the shit pictures please?

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can you be a little nicer to the dude he had a friggen genuine idea. Maby a little friggen help would be nice instead of a smart lip?

Welcome to the internet kid

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Seriously, this isn’t hard at all

trying to use nice words lol. but if you insist i wont use them anymore in these forums. Especially with people like penguin-man around.

Oh and i had an idea on the dudes idea :stuck_out_tongue: Couldnt you wire each section with connas constraint breaker? Cause on that you have a toggle button that you hit to break them. You could like make a system to break one section off while making another one fire at the same time.

I did this. I had the dupe before I formatted too.

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so you got the post count you have now by posting little 2 word comments?

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Just hold the parts together with a bit of wood and attach some explosives to it that explode when you want it to seperate. That’s how i did it. Alternatively, use the explosive prop stool.

I’ve done this. its easy as fuck.

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Undo is your friend.

Stop making such shit replies. If you’re not going to help, don’t post.