"please don't go" a Man watches his love fade away

I’m gonna try something different now something funny and sad
so tell me what you think

“Please don’t go I love you” A man watches his love fade away forever

C&C are welcomed
I know Its simple but I think its good

I see what you were trying to do but it looks a bit sloppy.

Cool effect, but not really well done.

Nice finger posing, yo.

Really good idea, I think you could’ve pulled it off better though.

Not liking the whole cradlesnatcher idea. Kinda kills it for me, unless it’s implied that’s his daughter

Okay if I put the original up will someone do me the favor Of editing it better than me

I think if she was turning to dust/sand it might be a little bit cooler than just blurring out. Still, the posing is nice.

The man appears to be looking blankly at the girl. Tweak the facial expression, and it’s golden.

the models have the worst faceposing ever. period. might as well have been released with no faceposing at all.

Interesting idea, but not executed that well. It’s still sort of emotionless even though it should have emotion.

I think the lack of emotion makes this picture great.

I agree with everyone else, Good posing, could have pulled it off better

Zoey everywhere

Okay I re did it Personally I think it looks better than the first one
Anyways if it still looks bad tell me cause i did that quick goes i got to go somewhere and it was bothering me




This pleases me.


A lot.

Cool, I’ll comment on the updated version now.

I like the idea of it with the clouds, but it looks a bit “repetitive” like you used the same exact brush over and over. You can set the brush options to randomize the size and shape a little bit. Feels like it’s a bit too sharp, maybe should fade in a little more to Zoey’s body. I will give you +10 XP for creativity.

Learn how to smudge properly, the pattern is so obvious.

Okay I have comed back and I will do as you guys told me I am still in the learning proces or how ever you say that