"Please don't go." Rebels mobilize against the Combine

DAMN! this is a nice pic. loving the emotion! keep up the good work

d’aww, thanks

The colors are nice, but should have been shining on the couple seeing as they are (I’m assuming) the focus of the picture.

I’ve always liked pictures like this, make more?

Shining? You mean like edge-lighting? I thought about it, but for some reason forgot to do it when I started editing.

And if you mean shading, then I’m nowhere near that level of GIMP proficiency

Nice screenie! It’s beautiful. What map is that? well, the couple has great posing

map is from neotokyo, nt_pissalley

abruptly cut faces pls go

The posing on two of the rebels look a little funky, and it also looks like you’ve duped them, but I don’t know.

Yeah the posing on the back two rebels looks a bit stiff and weird. Other than that, I like the lighting.

That is amazing, the light looks awesome, and the effects coming off just makes it great.