"Please...don't kill me"

Sorry Johnny… boss wants you dead…


Leave comments on how I can get better :smiley: My 2nd pose I ever posted on this site.
Edit: I realized I still had my picker on so I am putting up a picture without it.

again, I will say, dont use in-game blood
it’s pretty ugly
actually better than most 2nd poses, although camera angle and posing could use some work
also before you take screenshots, turn up the aa

The arm is jagged and overstretched.

The man has blood that defies logic.

Faceposing is pathetic

Oh my god antialiasing.

The white man is shooting the black man.

The point of using the camera to your advantage is covering up the terribad textures.

You just put a close up of this man’s head.

Add some blur around the victim and gun, take attention off the shooter.

The black guy doesn’t seem to care that he’s about to be executed.

also:improve your AA,it’s ugly as shit right now

These guys may not seem it, but what they’re saying is the hard truth. This is Facepunch’s Constructive critism. As Ghostwork said, lots of bad things going on, but good things as well. You are improving at least.

haha thanks but I gotta learn how to edit pictures or at least not use in-game blood which I do not know how.

If you weren’t already banned for a week, this would do it.

You could make it two… :v:

Next step is a month unfortunately. There was a two week option before but its gone now.

i wouldn’t assassinate someone in an open street like this.

I would.