Please edit these rather boring Halo poses!

I always like seeing the amazing work some people can really do on here. I would love to see the creativity you guys can come up with, because I can’t come up with shit.

disable bloom in stuff you want people to edit

The names Banks… Phillip Banks

I’d hardly call the first one boring, but try dropping it in the edit these pictures topic. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Yea, first one’s pretty good, idk why you would want to edit that one.

Haha. I don’t know. I just see a lot of crazy edits on here and was just curious how some of my work would look.

Hello, was bored so I gave that first picture a try. I’m not totally pleased wit how it came up but I guess it is still decent.

Fuck yeah! This is awesome! It looks like a painting. Thank you

You’re welcome, glad you like it. :slight_smile: