Please expand the upload limit from Gmod

As in the title, please expand the upload limit with S&box. It was said to be happening in Gmod from a developer I asked - and I waited and waited, for months, then years. But it didn’t seem to ever materialise. I’d love to be able to upload a single asset pack, rather than multiple asset packs. for both really, but if only for S&box, then I’d still be very happy, even if I need to redo all the uploads.

That being said, looking forward to S&box!

pretty sure that was steam workshop related

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Have you seen the zip file upload size on the dev site?

18 gb btw


No, I haven’t. Where it is? If so, that’d be far more than enough. Perfect!

I really don’t know. there were like, 4 uploaders for Gmod, all of which had variable reliability. sometimes, big files worked. other times, they did not. Really unreliable. And it took so, so long for the file to fail, if it was going to.

Like Cooper said, the limit currently is 18 gb for your gamemode, so I’m sure it’s not going to be a problem.

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Upload limit for Gmod addons is already 2gb,

This happened recently, It did materialise.

I guess if your gamemode would be a total overhaul you’d need more than that, but for single addons 2gb is still plenty, I guess if they don’t feel like increasing it they could compromise by being able to download a server’s content without having to join, so you could have as much space as you want in your server without flooding the workshop with “server content” addons.

Really? When did this occur?

For the record, my content packs altogether go to like, 130mb. However, all content uploaders I used always failed to upload anything over 60mb. If this is the case, which uploaded is the best shot for a clean upload?

Ah, excellent! I’ll eagerly look forward to porting all my content over when S&box releases then! :slight_smile:

You could use crowbar’s workshop uploader, make sure it’s up to date.
There’s also this tool:

which released recently and actually looks pretty good!

Not to mention on GitHub plus Git LFS.

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I have no idea where any of these are, is the thing. Or where to go to get the info when I get there. Literally just saw the game announced and came to the community forums. I don’t know where the devsite is, where in the github I’d need to look, nothing like that.

Looks good! I’ll give it a try. perhaps update all my maops in preparation of S&box. Thanks for the link!