Please fix cupboards asap

I don’t know when it started, but cupboards radius is totally broken, because cupboard do not cover far enough below them.

My last experience was on a 3x3x2 house. I place a cupboard on 2nd floor, in a corner. And ppl were able to build outside of the house, on the same corner my cupboard was placed, because they could stand outside of cupboard radius and build things sticked to my outside wall.

here is a map of my 2nd floor from upside (the mark C indicates the Cupboard) :

|   |   |   |
|   |   |   |
|   |   | C |
             |   | <== Guys were able to build this on 1st floor, probably standing on the X mark !

So explain me how it is possible to protect a base with cupboards now ?

because i bet their tool cuboard was on lower elevation, if you build a on a hill people can build cupboard kiddie corner to you because the tool cupboard doesn’t cover below…

Coverage should be based as cylindrical with cupboard in center of cylinder rather than the current toroidal shape.

Cupboard just need to be removed completely ASAP.

I would rather have my base griefed once in a blue moon than have to deal with this shitty stop gap. Furthermore, if you build multiple exits on multiple levels, rarely can you be completely locked out of your base.

If we must really prevent griefing, I’ve suggested a viable alternative a couple times already. Give us deeds. Deeds are made by combining a “permit” and a “lock box”. In order to craft a permit, you must craft paper. In order to craft a lock box, metal fragments are required. Then, to craft your deed, you combine the “lockbox” and “permit”.

Now, you have your finished deed in the form of a “lock box” which has a long stringed combination. Anyone can “activate” the lockbox by entering this combination. Anyone that activates the deed has demolishing privileges. The “deed” has a cylindrical demolishing zone. You can take over a base by finding out the code or destroying the lock box. The lockbox takes a great deal of damage in order to be destroyed

Now anyone can simply destroy griefed buildings.

It’s just a quick suggestion, but the overall principle is that “building blocked” is a shitty solution to an issue and users instead need to be allowed to demolish building parts and not just within a 10 minute window. How we get there is open to discussion, but I think deeds are a decent bridge to a more permanent solution.

Short answer: until cupboards are replaced by a more sensible system, don’t build on the top of a hill. The change was intentional, designed to prevent elevator base abuse.

It works as intended. Build a couple 1x1 with cupboard around your base and you are fine.

The proper way to prevent elevator base abuse would be to not have cupboards that prevent building in the first place.

I think cupboards should go back to a cylinder shape and we should be able to stick ladders where we are building blocked. Maybe add some barbed wire we could add to the sides of roofs and windows to prevent climbers. Wood and stone external walls already have the barb wire. What’s the point of having window bars when you can just place the window 3 story high and put a cupboard anyway? As for on-top-of-rock bases people could just place the ladders on the rocks. That way we could really build bases whose loot and cupboard are on the top floor. Right now you’re almost forced to make some kind of vault on the first floor and have your loot there if you don’t want raiders to seal your loot sitting on the top floor when they do raid the first floor…

Get rid of the high walls n gates. Go back to the old way of building. Cylindrical coverage from cupboards. Half blocks n steps. Posts in corners. It worked fine. Oh, can I get an AMEN?

i miss the pillar in the corners, cupboard not need at all… could be removed actually. but halfblocks stars in line and pillars are really better in old way