Please fix: difficult to go though a door into to a base (requires both crouch and jump)

When I try to walk in through an open door to enter a base I cannot just walk in. I have to crouch (press control key) and then jump in. Something is wrong here - if I need to jump up a bit - let me just jump up and go in. I should not have to press control and jump and move forward. I think this is when the foundation is up a bit - requiring a jump. But jumping alone does not work. Walking though a door inside a base is fine.

This is a pretty annoying bug. I am assuming others have this issue too.

It is an issue for others too… and it is annoying. It would be nice if there was a Stepping up or climbing motion. Though if you had to climb through your door, you may have made your foundation a bit high…eh?

Foundation steps

for the most part, but sometimes they cant be placed, etc… depending on where you build (terrain), etc… The jump/crouch thing was his main point… you cannot have played this game for long and not ran into a time you had to do that…

The wierd part is why do I have to crouch? If the foundation is a bit up and I need to jump, why can I not jump and go into the door (like in legacy). It is like the door specifically wont let me enter unless I am crouched (in midair and moving forward!).

I want to be able to just jump up and go in.

One of my first impressions of experimental/new rust, and I don’t know if it is accurate or not – it was just an impression, was that the player was ‘larger’ relative to buildings, doorways, etc. than in legacy. Things seem very ‘tight’ – like trying to walk through a 1x1 with a doorway with boxes on the side. Getting through doors seems a symptom of that. Windows are a whole other story.

Maybe you eat to much wolf meat and can of bean… your ass become fat and is to wide for your door… lol :suicide: