Please Fix Food Spam

Just wanted to say that food spamming needs to be fixed in an upcoming patch. I know that it is progressing, we just gained the ability to hotbar food and bandages, but right now fights boil down to who has the most food on their hotbar. If you’re not running around with at least 20 food keyed up, you aren’t surviving a fight.

it is really dumb indeed…

10-15 second cooldown, agreed?

imo it doesn’t need a cooldown, food just needs to be a slow regeneration of health rather than a sudden spike.

This and the amount of health from food should be lowered to make medicines/bandages more efficient than food.

I made a post about this before and some people thought it made for better game play and more interesting fights, lol stupidest shit I’ve ever heard.

whats the problem? when i eat a burger i feel better…so this is not a bug its a feature…morons ^^

would love to have the ability to wield a shield + the spear… would make fights last longer without the need to spam food / medkits… and would be hella fun

so your burger closes gaping, bleeding wounds? why do we not use these miraculous things in the hospitals?? milkshakes could cure cancer!!

anyway, jokes aside; the benefit of eating food should be restoring stamina; which lets you regenerate health naturally if you have enough. drinking fluids should fill thirst (and possibly keep the rad cleansing effects from legacy). medical gear should only stop bleeding, heal injury and restore(slowly via regeneration) health.

Couldn’t agree more. Food munchies win fights by “luck”, there’s less or even no skills involved in fighting. Especially between melee weapons.

Stab - stab - eat - stab - stab - eat…

No point in trying to dance around your opponent, because the combat movement has f*cked you over completely before you even tried to. At the moment i feel like those being able to hit 90% with bows and those carrying weapons, have the *winning *factor.

Why don’t you just make it as though hotbarred food gets thrown at animals/humans (could be used to get a wolf off your tail) or make for epic food fights…