Please fix name change for hackers

hackers are changing name in steam so they cannot be reported with F7. Also they use invalid characters like spaces or ascii chars so people cannot type their name.

Please fix this so we can actually report them properly when seeing cheating in game.


I’m sure a system could be put in place, but there will be quite a few variables coming into play, first they’d need a profile system ingame, then they’ll have to filter through every possible character that could cause an annoyance, and you’ve got foreign languages as well, which a lot of keyboards don’t have, my suggestion is record full gameplay, prove it in a video, grab their steam ID and send it in, yes you’ll have to wait for them to be banned, but sadly that’s how it is, when the ban wave comes they’ll be picked up and banned, if found guilty.

well it could be stopped by not allowing anything but normal letters in your name and make so that once you have joined a server under a curtain name u cannot change unless the server is wiped