please fix op beartraps

Beartraps at the moment are currently OP as fuck since they just reload themselves automatically every time someone steps on them. You cant even go near bases who have surrounded their walls with them without dying constantly. Barricades should be used as passive protection, not these broken nearly-1-shot beartraps.

Shoot them with arrows?

Last time I used bear traps, they broke down after 5 “uses”. Do they last forever now?

They reload themselves automatically? Sounds bugged.

haven’t used a bear trap in ages, but if they DO reload themselves, that’s pretty crap.

They do not reload themselves.

Maybe when they were fixed from looking disarmed when they were armed… they look armed when they are disarmed?

They do reload themselves currently, go and check for yourself

No they don’t just checked! But they are bugged they look closed but they are open!

They aren’t OP. If they are, as you called them, “bear traps”… If they are suppose to stop a bear, in its tracks. :wink:

Then they should be able to stop a pesky human…

To bad they don’t work to catch bears or any other animal.