Please Fix the Bow

Posted this image in another thread, but it was kind of off-topic so I’ll put here to let more people weigh in on it. The bow is terrible, and aiming is awful. This image demonstrates the way it should look when the string is pulled. The white dot is center screen, and you should really only have to compensate for drop in the in arrow.

Some suggestions for the bow as well.

Two fire modes like a gun - A quick shot where you don’t take time to aim. Activated with left mouse button and only accurate for close range. The current view when you shoot the bow would actually work for this.

Then the current which is an aimed shot. String is pulled and the camera zooms in a little. Very accurate up to roughly 15 meters, but if you don’t shoot within a few seconds the bow begins to shake more and more and accuracy continues to decrease.

Perhaps this is already in the works, but can’t hurt to post it.

Mr walls as always good to see your on top of the situation. frankly i can’t even use the new bow i have no idea wheres its aiming of where the arrow is gonna go.

This was my immediate thought upon using the new bow for the first time. Feels like someone next to me is using it rather than me.

Lol, when I first saw it I thought they had just changed the zoom function, so I lined it up where the previous version fired and the arrow shot into the dirt like 10 feet in front of me.

The very first time I used it was a panic moment when I saw a wolf. Pulled out the bow, got confused cuz it looked so far away and misplaced, guessed as best I could in a 2 second window, hit the wolf directly in the head and instantly killed it. Since then I haven’t hit a single arrow.

This new bow is horrible the old bow was really good ,WHY change it

to make us uncomfortable with the idea of having a ranged weapon.

I agree … The bow could be a good alternative to fire weapon but now is useless

We don’t want to make it better, too lazy, im going to ban you so we don’t have to do it.

The bow is currently just terribad. It looks like your left elbow grows from your chest.
I really don’t see what was bad about the previous build bow.
Okay the damage could have been smaller and the zoom shorter.
But now the placement on screen is more than clunky, only way to use the bow is to tape a crosshair of paper on your screen,
the arrow drop off makes it nearly useless it’s like shooting at your feet, you’re better off using a spear in the range the bow now has.

It was still inferior to guns in the previous build cause of fire rate and as a ranged weapon it outplayed melee weapons as it should, it was a good middle ground.

Only real tweaks it could have used was smaller damage like requiring 2shots to kill a new spawn at 50hp (something like 45 damage per arrow) and half the zoom it had in the previous build, but still retain small zoom over nothing when aiming “aiming down sights”.

Since on the bow subject, any plans or hopes for next tier bow?
Something like blueprinted craftable only composite bow with iron sights using metal frags to build it.

And a choice in arrowheads,
stone for a lower direct hit damage but more bleed damage like broadhead arrows and
the currently useless bone fragments for a target point type of arrow that has much longer range but lower damage, and maybe even metal arrow heads to be used as armor penetrating heads, expensive arrows but also higher direct damage.
The current wooden arrow somewhere in the middle ground, medium damage, very slight bleed damage, medium range, cheap cost.

Totally agree with everyone. It’s really hard to tell where the arrow is going to go. You should only have to adjust the height/angle to get it to go the right distance. Right now it’s pretty useless.

the way you have illustrated the angle of the arrow there actually looks like the arrow will shoot out to the left of the centre point though…

Havent used the new bow yet so shouldnt really be passing comment.

I hope it was just a work in progress when the patch hit and wasn’t intended to be like this, even as a beginner tier bow. By the time you’re close enough to (possibly) hit an animal you’re more than close enough to spook it if it looks in your direction. It isn’t worth carrying or swapping from melee. I wouldn’t bother moving if I was being shot at with one of these things. If the arrows exploded on impact, wiping out anything within 5 meters I’d finish mining my rock. 10 meters and they’d just be more dangerous to the person shooting them. After realizing what junk it was I tried to throw it in the trash and missed that too. Now I have a pile of them in and around my house. Thanks a lot Obama.

I agree, but you can’t get it to line up exactly straight with the way the perspective works in the game. If you tried to simulate a more realistic perspective the arrow would cover half the screen.

As an avid bow hunter in real life, the previous iteration of the bow was closer to reality. I use a 6ft Cherokee longbow made of Bodark (also known as the diamond of hardwoods). It has a 65 pound pull.

When you nock an arrow and draw your bow, your dominant hand rests at ear level, while your other hand is straight out in front of you, level with your eyes. Your nock point and the arrow rest are your “iron sights”. This depends on the distance you are shooting.

To make arrow travel realistic, you can use the velocity already implemented on the dev side. The farther you pull back, the farther the straight line of travel for the arrow until is starts to drop significantly. To counteract the drop, you aim the bow upward.

You can also add deer fur string silencers. They are primitive and easy to make, and will make the bow look incredible in game.

The longer you hold the shakier your aim gets. I feel this should be added so one can not hold a drawn arrow infinitely.

^ the shaky arm from a long held draw was present in Legacy

The legacy bows worked great

I think we can all agree that is blows at the moment and that it has to be changed. How it might or should be changed, is still open for debate. Unless Garry has a new solution already…? :smiley:

Just noticed (because i was playing a couple of hours for the first time) that the bow is really really fcked up and that it has shtloads of damage… It’s nearly a damn 1 shot 1 kill weapon vs naked people -.-
Also due to this, even though the aim/sight on bows is f*cked up atm, fighting with melee weapons is retarded. It’s impossible to fight against players with a bow. Melee weapons/tools do to few on damage and since the combat movement has been changed so badly, things are even more in advantage of those who carry ranged weapons.

I don’t know about this all though… It annoys the f*ck out of me

@post above: Looks interesting. Is this a real thing from Rust? Or has someone managed to do this on his own?