Please fix the laggy prop floors

Wow, this is bug is annoying as hell, I can’t even make a proper shop with Phx. Anyways, when you walk on a model, you start glitching up. Its hard to explain. Just go ingame, spawn a model (for example a 4x4 phx plate) then walk on it. Wierd stuff happens.

Try freezing the props. It should help the glitchyness of the platform. It still has problems though. There needs to be some way to make something completely stationary.

You really think that I would post a bug without trying everything?

Iv’e try’ed freezing it welding it too the floor, iv’e try’ed everything. Everyone else gets this bug too. So yeah.

Okay okay i get it.
I think you can parent them, i remember i once made a footbridge out of parented combine bridge segments.

I think it’s a problem with Source, not GMod itself.

I knew that, but idk about Helix, obviously you were never supposed to use a prop as a walking platform, but i think parenting might work. I used parenting to make a perfect footbridge.

Or somone could make a simple low poly version?

I don’t think its simply the high poly count of the prop, because otherwise you could make a perfect floor out of plastic panels, which are perfectly flat and extremely low poly.

I don’t get this :stuck_out_tongue:

If the prop is welded to other props, and the prop itself isn’t frozen then I slide on it slightly towards a direction, but otherwise I get no such bug.

The problem is with the constraints. Weld and freeze both don’t completely make a prop static. Thought it should, but freeze should have been weld, really. Someone make a perma freeze stool pl0x!

Its not that easy.

How so? At least weld should be improved to be as good as freeze. Except you cant unfreeze it with the phys gun.

That would be pretty useful. (Perma freeze Stool)

But i think parent can help when making floors, but then parent also has its problems like how other props go through parented props but you can still walk on it so it works if you’re not trying to make a base.

just dont have the props touching the world, have them floating slightly of the ground. works for me everytime :slight_smile: