Please fix this player model

I took these models:

and applied this skin

However when I use it ingame with some weapons it looks like this:
and some other it looks correct.

This is the addon I made by combining those two.

I humbly beg someone with the skills to fix this. One or two $ can be fixed through paypal.

I think the Sin models are bugged like that when they using the pistol hold type. Jessica Cannon does the same

So you think there’s no way to fix it?

Maybe if someone re-riggs it

I don’t know, I’m no expert when it comes to ragdolls and stuff

Is it hard to re-rigg something? I’m after all willing to put some money into this. Since I love this model/skin.

Look at all the Modelling Tutorials and then read all of them, then you will see it’s not a cup of tea.

It is because I thought it wasn’t an easy task that I’m offering some money.