Please focus on game performance too!!

Rust is getting prettier every day, but please also focus on performance improvements. I know the game is not optimized yet, but it would be awesome if a wider audience could play the game on low settings with at least 60fps.

I played legacy last weekend and had nothing but lag and low fps. In gunfights it always dropped to almost zero fps and that is just soo frustrating! I would rather play the game with shitty graphics and good performance.

Of course you aren´t done yet, but please at least keep in mind, that not everyone can afford a huge gaming PC.

What are your specs?

I’m in same boat, given that I have a video card from 2004 being the reason why most game’s nowaday’s for me run at 30, I can still play Rust legacy decently.

I tried this new rust though and it run’s awful, like nauseating too watch the fps drop to 1 at all times awful. I am hoping once it is complete it is still playable without having too upgrade my PC.

I hate to say it and I know not everyone can afford it but your gonna need to upgrade at some point and to be honest rust experimental doesn’t have amazing, outstanding graphics its relatively average. it’s a problem that only affect PC players as consoles “force” their players to upgrade when improved hardware is required. when was the last time that you upgraded your PC?

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your 4 years ahead of the release of the PlayStation 2 and 2 years behind the release date of the PlayStation 3 now with the PlayStation 4 here, this is just a comparison of your hardware for consoles and to be honest you cant really expect good fps from a video card that is 10 years old on a “modern” game.

Ok, a laptop from 2004 is clearly too old.

My system got an i7, Geforce 650 and 8gb ram. So its decent but the performance still sucks.

They are are either finishing or just finished porting the game to unity 5. There are still enormous bugs and issues with the game however you can already see a huge performance boost. I’m sure that when they fix most of those issues you’l get an even better performance (not talking about legacy build).

Legacy build still got tons of issues that will never get fixed that’s uber kill for notebook users like the coded + realtek driver compatibility issue.

The Legacy runs smoothly on my computer, but the Experimental lags as hell, especially after the building was added, even worse after Unity 5. UI is hell on its own, even tho it got a bit better recently, it is still quite unresponsive and laggy. But im faithful it will get better in time …

Open Steam, right click on Rust, Properties, Launch Options, type this: -force-opengl

You can thank me lather :slight_smile:

I love the fact that you need a decent rig to play right now. Keeps all the kids away :slight_smile:

Does that work with experimental too?

Wheres that guy with 5 trillion posts and spams its alpha on whatever issue/post on this forum?


/sarcasm off,

Yes, They do need to do that in the future but, for now I think they just focus on making the game on their 20K PCs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think everyone would agree that they rather had a game that runs with 60fps than one that looks very nice. Right?

We will get both eventually. Paitence is a virtue afterall

Game runs crazy good for me now.

I’d definitely prefer the one that looks good, I got a neat gaming pc built I don’t give a fuck.

I think not… I’m sorry :frowning: