PLEASE get radiation back up...

These Radtowns with no radiation kind of hurt anyone who didn’t start immediately after the update on Thursday…the Radtowns are all now HOMES for people since they take no damage, and these people basically get a giant 24/7 airdrop right on their front porch.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who have jobs and big boy pants are set back by not having the same opportunity to get to the loot.

Fix please. Thanks.

It seems the ones really enjoying it are armed gangs freely roaming the towns :smiley:

Start a sheriff clan and patrol the towns and make sure the loot is distributed fairly among the needy.

and how exactly do i kill the armed gangs with torches

“if you can’t beat them, join them”…

Or just stay clear of them and build yourself up from loot from other places… learn the life of a solo player :wink:

Join them and slowly steal their loot, then frame one of their clan brethren.

console -> radiation 1

it works

hit them with the burning end until they die. or you do;)

Thanks for this - I have turned it back on my server, turning it off seems to negate the point of having a rad suit, again thanks…