Please get the LUA section under control.

I made a thread yesterday about the same thing but it got deleted for bad thread name.
So here’s a new one.

The lua section is getting filled up with quite dumb threads asking dumb questions instead of putting the questions in the WDYNHW.
Even the sticky says ‘use megathreads’, but why aren’t mods doing anything?

Please, please, please.
Clean up this section and remove any thread that violates the rules.

As I said in the previous thread, I’m definitely not the only one who thinks that this is a problem.

And with that said, brothers and sisters, amen.

Maybe if the WDYNHW threads get bumped a little more…

  1. Create “DarkRP help thread v1”
  2. Ban people who want DarkRP help anywhere else (including the main help thread)

Problem solved

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Honestly I don’t even read the help thread anymore, each time I looked there were like 80 new posts and almost all of them were nothing more than “here’s a script that i stole/copied/is from GMod 12/mindlessly edited when i have no idea what i’m doing it errors help me”, I don’t know what changed but it used to be a lot more honest questions from people genuinely trying to learn

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Oh and if people could stop releasing gamemodes and addons (that aren’t aimed at developers) in this section that’d be great too, there are separate sections for those.

The forums were a lot better before those ‘megathreads’. Really wish they would just die and things would go back to the way they used to. What are you working on, and what do you need help with should just go away.

I actually thing WDYNHW and WAYWO are good megathreads. Most of the time simple little projects people are working on aren’t worth an entire thread to showcase, but are cool enough that people want to show them off. WDYNHW has been kind of helpful in the past, but I feel like a lot of the time questions go unanswered because there are SO many people asking questions in there.

I really want to know why the subforums were removed? I understand that releases should go into the mods/addons sections and be put on the workshop, but I loved the request subforum, I got a lot of cool ideas out of there, and having a separate help forum would help clean up the Lua section a LOT.

This place went to a shit hole when those “megathreads” hit.

How could the megathreads alone cause problems? The lack of subforums are what I see as the real problem.

The problem is that if everyone posts their problem in wdynhw thread there will be so many posts (like 100 in a day) that only 1/3 of the problems get answered because firt new posts get flooded to like 2 pages down. Like me i posted 2 times in there about my spawnpoint but noone answered…

And yes i said that to advert my thread: help with spawpoints someone go and tell me whats wrong.

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I think the same as Bletotum, why not add like subforums for some stuff?
Home > Forum > Garry’s Mod > L.U.A. Scripting > DarkRP Scripting

Would help alot…

My problem with adding a child forum is that if it weren’t for all these dumb threads that are asking Lua related questions - this forum would consist of 2 massive threads.

I don’t see why you guys want a sub thread for DarkRP scripting…
With the amount of threads already created for most DarkRP problems, anything and everything should be solvable with what has already been already asked and answered.

And if you notice the “old” style of DarkRP problems aren’t showing up in threads anymore, I barely see threads where people have added custom teams or shipments incorrectly, they’re all done by people who try and modify it or integrate other addons (pointshop, ULX), when they haven’t got the faintest idea how.

I think disabling the search feature for normal users was a mistake.

That’s what google is for.
Search with the prefix of:
For example: darkrp how to make a donator job

Perhaps you misunderstood, I said, I think disabling the search feature was a mistake, not that there aren’t ways of getting around it.

However garry chose to get rid of the feature which just results in more clueless users and dumb posts, and then he has the nerve to bitch when users don’t bother to try and find results.

Example Cached Search:

Darkrp has been off googlecode for months, and the top result is from 2009, which won’t help any new user trying to set it up when they already don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

The search feature would provide more relevant results.

You are the cancer of this forum

I’m not bitching about it. I disagree with your opinion that the removal of search is the reason this forum sucks. Google has a great search feature - in that it doesn’t only search this site - it searches all the sites in the world. It’s much better than searching this single forum at finding answers to DarkRP coding problems.

I agree with the guys who are saying that the megathreads are the reason the forum sucks. Anyone with any sense post their shit in those threads. So obviously the only new threads being made are going to be from newbies.

Creating a forum for those newbie threads to go in doesn’t solve the problem, it moves it.

Closing/banning the megathreads doesn’t solve the problem, because that’s how people want to use the forum, to view a single thread.

Finding the problems is easy - finding solutions isn’t. Enabling search wouldn’t magically make this forum better.

Can we not just contain DarkRP somewhere else? (and actually enforce it)

Can’t the two megathreads become sticky so everyone sees them?

Not only they will be more visible, but they won’t get lost under the flood of question threads.