Please get the LUA section under control.


They don’t really get lost, it’s rare that either of them ends up on page 2

What’s the point in having a forum when you’re only meant to post in one of two threads. By stickying the threads we’d be re-enforcing that position.

I just wish the threads were better quality than “here’s a script that i stole/copied/is from GMod 12/mindlessly edited when i have no idea what i’m doing it errors help me”, but I guess there’s not really a solution for that

What is the point of having a megathread then if you post stuff that should go in it, outside it?

The original point of WDYNHW was for quick simple questions that don’t really deserve an entire thread, that seems to have gone out of the window (I could be wrong but I think there’s a general consensus that this section is lacking in moderation compared to the rest of Facepunch).

What kind of threads do you want?

People get ignored or forgotten in the mega-threads. There are so many posts a day that problems are just pushed out of the way, never answered. That’s just the main problem I see in these large threads.

There are many people with great lua knowledge browsing the megathreads daily.
I’d say 90% of the questions are answered, and the other 10% is ignored because of dumb question or nobody knows the answer.

Last time I saw any reports from this section was over a month ago. Before that I don’t even remember. If you guys wants moderators to do something so badly why not use the report feature?

Where is the report feature even hidden?
I haven’t seen it a single time, all I can think of is pm’ing mods.

is the report icon (below your avatar).

I think that the question thread should be closed and people just post their questions, much more organized that way especially for those who want to help but are dazed by all the posts that can get in the way of your answer. Individual projects that aren’t release worthy could go here too. Projects released could go in the mods/addons forum, and creations made in sandbox for example could go in gmod discussion. Just IMO.

I think there should be different post icons in the Lua thread. ‘Question’ ‘Help’ and ‘Lua’ are mostly the only fitting yet the 3 serves almost the same purpose.

It’s a vicious circle, the mods don’t do anything because no-one reports anything, no-one bothers reporting anything because the mods don’t (appear to) do anything.

I like the megathreads but getting ignored is a bit retarded. I posted in the LUA Help megathread, not a single fuck was given.

If you don’t get a response then “bump” it or post a thread in the section not in the megathread.
There are so many posts in that section and sometimes it’s hard to see unanswered posts.

What about a help forum, and making this and the mods/addons section be the same thing? Then all of the large projects would have their own threads, in a section that has a megathread for small tidbits like WAYWO has. All simple and complex problems would be in their own place.

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That would be a good solution IMO, anyone else agree?

Kinda off topic but haven’t seen it mentioned before, but since you are editing the forum structure and all:

Workshop forum description:
Downloading Addons via Steam Workshop because the internet has **mae **us too lazy to extract zip files.

Also, icons: